The Thank You Divorce: How to be Happy, Raise Healthy Children, and Regain your Self Confidence After Divorce.

Were you left blindsided after divorce? Do you believe it’s impossible to survive divorce?
Are you searching for path that will help you and your children cope after heartbreak?
Getting over a divorce doesn’t come easily, but there steps you can take to help ease the transition from a happy family to getting past your break-up and changing your life for the better.
No one goes into a marriage expecting that it will one-day divorce. When it and if it does, there is plenty of information available to show you how to divorce, but what you need most might be how to break up without causing undue friction and how to help your children through divorce.
The Thank You Divorce is your guide to living, thriving, and working together with your ex-husband (or ex-wife) after the love relationship has ended.
Inside you’ll discover:
How to be happy and change your life
How to take charge of the next chapter of your life
How to ensure your children are happy and healthy after divorce
How to negotiate with your ex-husband or ex-wife in healthy, productive ways
How to embrace your strengths and use them to your advantage
How to survive divorce and move on without bitterness and anger

If you’re ready to change your life and guide your children in the right direction, The Thank You Divorce offers invaluable insights for helping your family return to normalcy and find their happiness again.
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About Author

Susanne Bateman expertise as a Certified Global Negotiator has afforded her the opportunity to reach families in crisis and to help them communicate effectively. Her work has taken her from helping people in her office to reaching out to them in their homes and to working with them. In addition to her interpersonal skills as a proven communication and negotiation coach, she also knows from personal experience what it means to have relationship strain and understands how monumentally vital it is to have a plan to move forward in a healthy way.