Hi, I’m Susanne Bateman

Swiss-born Author Susanne Bateman has had a passion for effective communication early on. Her mother likes to tease her that she was always the loudest kid on the street. As the founding president of the University of St. Gallen’s Debating Club and Board Member of the Universities Communication Training Center, she coached her fellow students to improve their presentation and argumentation techniques while she did her Masters in Economics and in Business Administration. After university, she was quickly promoted to Senior Executive positions in the international health care industry (Pharmaceuticals and Hospital). She trained further as a Certified Global Negotiator to ensure she would always be able to get the best deals for long term success of all stakeholders. In addition to her interpersonal skills as a proven communication and negotiation coach, she also knows from personal experience what it means to have relationship strain and understands how monumentally vital it is to have a plan to move forward in a healthy way.

When not writing, speaking or working with clients, Susanne can be found in her Switzerland home, which she shares with her two toddler daughters and a pair of rambunctious Norwegian Forest cats.

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