07 Mar

How to explore new territories while mitigating the risk.

Last Saturday at 9 pm I found out that there was a Salsa Festival happening about 1 hours drive away. I had started taking classes in January, so I was keen on practicing what I had learned. Unfortunately, whether my dance partner nor any of my dance classmates had time to go at such short notice.

I had a long look in the mirror.

What risks would go by myself involve? From standing around alone without dancing to crashing the car out of tiredness on the way home at 4 am to getting raped walking in dark streets in the middle of the night were some risks I needed to mitigate. As in business, all ventures have risks. And we do have to have protected our downside so we can do what we choose to. So in my example of going to an unknown place far away with a known parking problem to participate in an unfamiliar social interaction such as social dance is to a beginner I decided I needed to:

1) Dress well enough to stand out without losing much more time, do loops throughout the venue to take in all that’s happening and observe the rules, smile

2) Have an energy booster drink in the car to stay awake and decide beforehand that I will leave before getting too tired to drive and

3) Park close to the venue circling the area and keep a safe distance to all potential danger, increasing distance if necessary.

Then: Ready. Aim. Go.

To grow requires moving with consciousness in a new territory. When the risks are managed well, what do I have to lose?


PS: Ben Chai thank you for showing me the basic steps back in December 2017.

Photo credit: salsa(.)ch Beybars Jurth

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